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Rodrigo Deem – Rainbow (Morttagua Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]

Rainbow (Morttagua Remix)

It’s time for a total knockout again on PHW, and we are very pleased to present you a top notch name from the scene together with us. With releases on a bunch of major labels such as Silk Royal, Armada, Nueva, BPM Records and a lot more we are overwhelmed to present you Rodrigo Deem on our PHW brand with the stunning production “Rainbow” in the driving seat.

On remix duty with well-produced interpretations you will get 2 new producers on our roster and also one of our great friends of PHW, the always creative Morttagua from Rio de Janeiro. Morttagua brings on his big pounding sound once more, and this is the perfect follow up on PHW after his great EP (Eris / Delties) out not to long ago that reached the Top 10 on the progressive chart and numerous of support from some of the big guns. If you’re ready for deep and throbbing sounds in a blend mix with what the Morttagua alias stands for, you might be up for this beauty.

Morttagua – Eris / Delties (Progressive House Worldwide)

We are truly happy to finally see some original material from the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil based progressive ace Morttagua on PHW. Being with us and showing of some superb work on numerous remixes earlier, he now comes to our family and shines. This 2 track EP will glow like a skyrocket, when he plays his full register sound design and showcase what an excellent producer he is.

“Delties” is just one of those massive tracks, and one we have been hunting him down for, for quite a while. Be ready for pounding kicks, superb bass lines and overall highflying melodies with great progression.

The 2nd one included here is a production baptized as “Eris”. This has a deep progressive and mysterious feel, packed with awesome melodies and creative effects that builds this track to a superb monster for the floors. It’s jazzy and groovy and speaks for itself.

All together this another marvellous effort from the creative Brazilian and we are certain he has some new tricks to show you soon, when he will be back on the label. But for now, get a hold of these beauties!

Charles Lima & Zenbi – NYC to DC (Morttagua Remix) [PACHA Recordings]

NYC to DC (Morttagua Remix)


With the Remix of Charles Lima & Zenbi – NYC to DC, Morttagua debuts in the legendary house music label PACHA Recordings.  In this track Morttagua makes a Deep Prog house Remix with lots of grooved percussion, dark atmospheres and haunting melodies. Check the preview below!


Com o remix para a faixa de Charles Lima & Zenbi- NYC to DC , Morttagua estréia no lendário selo de gravação de House Music de Ibiza, o  PACHA Recordings. Nesta faixa, Morttagua apresenta um Deep Prog House com muito groove nas percussões, atmosferas obscuras e melodias intrigantes. Escutem o preview abaixo!

Ticon – Models on Cocaine (Morttagua Remix) [Iboga Records]


Morttagua will participate on the TICON REMIXED ALBUM, which will bring  their major classics remixed by 20 of the most talented producers selected by Ticon.

Including remixes from:
O.T.B & Naughty Notes, Ticon, Lish, Riktam & Bansi, Captain Hook & DJ Wasabi, Liquid Soul, Time In Motion, Symphonix, Sub6, XV Kilist & Rocco, Vibrasphere, Atmos, Antix, Tripswitch, Funk Trunk, Gleb Gold, Minimize, Flippers, Morttagua, JunkDNA, Rafael Osmo & Henzi Rachmani, Andrea Bertolini, Matt King, Christian Smith & Moosfiebr.


Morttagua – The 10th Planet EP (Incl. The 10th Planet & Hemera) [Uplifting Music]

The 10th Planeet EP

Morttagua is back to Uplifting Music with the 2 Progressive track EP entitled “The 10th Planet EP” which includes 2 original works, The 10Th Planet & Hemera.

Headlining this EP is the track that gives the name for it, The 10th Planet.  This track fuses Trance elements with Progressive House elements to its finest, fusing melody and groove with futurist Fx and wonderful introspective vocal samples and chops.

Hemera, the second track of this EP is a more chilled melodic Progressive House-Trance blend with a repetitive riff that will hook you instantly, a powerful breakdown, strong bass lines and vocal chops from space missions to give that “in the space” feel to the track.

Sebastian Weikum – Paroxysm (Morttagua Remix) [Nueva Digital]


Nueva Digital welcomes Sebastian Weikum on his debut release, featuring a 4-track remix EP called ‘Paroxysm’ [ND105]. For those like us who may have wondered what the word ‘paroxysm’ means, it’s ‘A sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity.’ Well, this release is sure to satisfy that definition to such an extent that Merriam and Webster themselves would be proud!

And closing us out once again, we have previous Nueva producer Morttagua giving us a bassy and heavenly envisioning to boost you up into the stratosphere with light airy FX, but contrasted with a weighty bassline to keep you grounded up there!

Morttagua – Androids (Incl. Roddy Reynaert Remix) [Uplifting Music]


Uplifting Music is proud to present the new single from Morttagua entitled Androids.

Radio Support from: Ruben de Ronde (The Sound of olland) , Steve Anderson (SAME radio),

Androids is a futuristic Deep Progressive House that has a genuine feeling to it, mixing strong baseline groove with lots of arpegiated pluks, atmospheric pads, ambient-escapes, fx vocal chops and a beautiful breakdown riff! The morning style groove makes this track perfect for warm up sets and morning sets.

To complete this single we bring on the remixing duties one of the best Progressive producers of the year 2013 in our opinion, the French from ANJUNADEEP and IFONIKA Roddy Reynaert. Roddy leaves mains arps and fx vocal chops intact while adding a more aggressive groove and a powerful drop, making this Progressive Trance remix work well on any dance floor!

Gutterstylz – Bunker Funk (Morttagua Remix) [Nueva Digital]

BUNKER FUNK (Morttagua Remix)

We’re more than pleased to bring you this deeper 4 track EP featuring 2 Original Mixes from Gutterstylz and Rolasoul, and 2 more remix tracks from top notch guys Adam Oland and Morttagua!

Morttagua finishes us off with his mind bending remix of ‘Bunker Funk’,complete with all the ear candy you could hope for flying around the melodic themes and heavy hitting percussion.

Morttagua feat. Metzo – No Matter REMIXES [System Recordings]


MORTTAGUA & METZO come with the ‘NO MATTER REMIX EP’ featuring stellar trance and progressive re-workings from SUNSET, DO5, PROGRESSIVE BROTHERS and MATHEUS TESTON.  Radio support from the likes of:  Solarstone (Solaris), Ad Brown (Silk Royal Showcase), Mt.Pit (Universal Selection), Pedro Del Mar (Mellomania), Steve Anderson (SAME Radio Show) and many others!!

Morttagua – Shade In My Heart [Incepto Deep]


Incepto Deep is extremely proud to bring you our next release which comes from the rising progressive star known as Morttagua who brings us his single “Shade In My Heart”.

This smooth little number really got our attention here and really inspired us to seek out some superb remixing talent to accompany this already stunning original.We are pleased to say that on remix duties we have 2 new additions to the Incepto roster which includes Matheus Teston and Torha…both of which delivered well and will surely get some good feedback and support for their amazing efforts. Either way we are truly pleased with this one and hope all of you are too.

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